Preparing For Class or Events


Shauna White and Grounded LLC strongly recommend that you consult your physician before doing any MELT or Foundation Training exercises, especially if you are pregnant or suffer from an injury or medical condition. Not all techniques are suitable for everyone. Participation in any treatment/exercise program may result in injury. By doing the MELT Method or Foundation Training exercises, you assume the risk of injury from performing the movements and techniques. The MELT Method or Foundation Training programs are not a cure and they are not to replace medical treatment or the advice of your doctor.


  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to register/sign-in especially if this is your first visit so you have ample time to get settled before class

  • Please complete and sign appropriate liability waiver

  • Inform teacher of any injuries or limitations and modify whenever needed



  • Please be quiet if you arrive while another class is in session

  • If you arrive late quietly position yourself without disturbing others

  • Store shoes and other personal belongings at designated places

  • Kindly adjust your mat so everyone has ample space

  • Turn off electronic devices. Audio or video recordings are not allowed


  • Refrain from perfumes and oils as many people are allergic

  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending class

  • If mats are available and used, kindly wipe clean after class

  • Consider bringing your own mat for convenience and best hygiene

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I bring to Class

Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle. Please note that not all locations or studios will have yoga mats available so we suggest you invest in your own. All Foundation Training and MELT classes are practiced barefoot.

What Should I wear To class

Wear something comfortable that you are able to move freely in. We suggest exercise/yoga pants/shorts, and a fitted or semi-fitted athletic top/shirt. Excessively loose clothing inhibits the instructor from being able to determine proper form when doing exercises. It doesn’t need to be anything special but jeans or a skirt would not be appropriate. Refrain from wearing clothing with zippers, large buttons/snaps, buckles or belts, or excessive jewelry.

What class should I start with?

If you are unsure, it is recommend we begin with a short consultation by clicking here.

That said, all classes for Foundation Training and MELT are generally designed for “All Levels”, unless indicated otherwise. More experienced classes at higher levels will be indicated as “Intermediate or Advanced”.

Should I start with a private Class?

Most importantly, honor and listen to your body and go deeper into your practice when you feel ready. You are your own best teacher. Proper form will give you the most benefit. This is a non-competitive environment and we encourage a community atmosphere of supporting one another. Enjoy your practice and have fun!

Move Well – Live Well.



  • It is the client’s responsibility to collect all personal belongings

  • Release of Liability Waivers must be signed by all participants prior to taking any class or event including guardians on behalf of minors under 18 years old

  • Class schedule rarely changes, but due to unforeseen circumstances a class or event may need to be cancelled. We will do our best to notify you in advance, provided you are pre-registered for a class or event. Please check our website or Facebook page for the most up to date schedule.

  • All educational materials, if applicable, are to be used by clients for the purpose of learning and practicing coursework for personal benefit. Materials are not to be reproduced or distributed. Attending classes, workshops, series, etc., does not qualify you to teach these methods to others without obtaining full certification through FOUNDATION TRAINING™ and/or The MELT Method®. By participating you are agreeing to these term and conditions

  • We never share or sell personal information or email list(s)


  • We gladly accept cash, check and most credit cards. Make checks payable to: Grounded LLC

  • We have no enrollment, start-up or hidden fees

  • Payment is taken before class/private session/event by your instructor (online or in-person where applicable)

  • Passes and Plans have different expiration dates/time allowances, etc. – please review prior to purchasing

  • Payment secures your reservation

  • Specials and Discounts can not be combined, when offered

  • Introduction Specials are available to new first time clients only, when offered

  • Product purchases are non-refundable

  • No refunds provided 7 days prior to workshops/series/events

  • Returned checks are subject to a $25 service charge


  • Out of respect for both instructors’ and clients’ time, we require at least a 24-hour notice for Private and Semi-Private Training Sessions

  • Cancellations made less than a 24-hour notice and/or no-shows will be charged the full cost of the missed session. Thank you for your understanding