The Modern Day Crisis

Life in the 21st century all too often means living an extremely sedentary and immobile lifestyle…one that encourages too much time spent hunched over screens, devices, steering wheels, and desks (even for many living an active lifestyle). Assuming these poor, and often repetitive, positions throughout the day without adequate muscular strength to resist and push back against gravity can lead to degeneration of our joints, inefficiency of our muscles, and unnecessary pain. Our habits of sitting and curling forward, combined with the ever-constant pull of gravity, cause a compression force on our bodies that is detrimental to every aspect of health. We modern humans must learn to live and move the way our bodies are designed to move or else we leave ourselves vulnerable to pain, illness, fatigue, and overwhelming general malaise.

The human body is designed to thrive against gravity – else we tend to age rapidly and get injured. Foundation Training is the answer to my many years of research on the negative effects of sitting.
-Dr. Joan Vernikos, Former NASA Director of Life Sciences

Foundation Training Defined
FOUNDATION TRAINING™ was developed by chiropractor and movement expert, Dr. Eric Goodman, to heal his chronic back pain and avoid surgery for multiple disc herniations. Chronic compression of the spine and surrounding areas not only wreaks havoc on our posture, it plays a key role in a wide range of degenerative diseases and conditions. Learning the power of decompression and the restoration of proper movement make this program a natural and effective alternative to heavy-handed medical intervention. This program is not a temporary remedy, but a systematic solution that enables the body to heal itself and creates long-term health and wellness.

How it Works
It is a movement practice designed to restore the body’s natural order and puts YOU in charge of your health. Using a combination of powerful movements, intentional poses, and conscious breath work to activate the muscles in your posterior chain (mainly the back, glues, and hamstring). It teaches your body how to properly support itself and move as nature intended absorbing tension in your muscles instead of your joints. When practiced regularly, your pain diminishes, your resistance to injury increases, your athletic/activity performance improves, and your body comes to life in a ways you didn’t think possible.

• Your torso, pelvis, and backside strengthen
• Your hips reclaim their intended role as the epicenter of movement
• Your spine decompresses and space opens throughout your torso
• Your breathing capacity and oxygen levels increase
• Your muscles learn to correctly support your structure and posture improves
• Your whole body becomes integrated and moves more efficiently

Targets the source of pain not just your symptoms making it a long-term solution for health.

No fancy equipment needed. It relies on your body-weight, movement, and breath and it can be done anywhere, anytime in just a few minutes a day.

Whether you are young or old, have limited mobility or are an active athlete, this work can have an amazing impact on your health, wellness, and happiness.

From Pain to Performance Naturally
Thousands of people who were stuck on the couch or headed for surgery for everything from bum knees, bad backs, blown out shoulders, and failing hips have discovered remarkable healing through Foundation Training. The power of proper movement makes this program a natural and effective alternative to heavy-handed medical intervention. It enables the body to heal itself and stay that way especially when you incorporate it into your lifestyle and daily movement patterns.

I thought my lower back would be my Achilles’ heel forever. Foundation Training took that thought out of the equation. I feel strong and flexible, and my posture is better than it has ever been. This stuff is just plain good for you.
-Matthew McConaughey, Actor

My back doesn’t just feel better, it feels strong. That is a big deal. These exercises let you move with some real confidence.
-Jeff Bridges, Actor

Providing an Athletic Platform
For many of the world’s top athletes and Olympic super stars, Foundation Training is a crucial part of their fitness. Collegiate and high school teams, coaches, trainers, and athletes of all types and abilities use it to build structural strength, heal injuries, improve their game, and increase resistance.

Foundation Training was the keystone to my recovery… it gave me my career back. The Foundation exercises rapidly increased my strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance quicker than I ever could have imagined.
– Lucas Euser, Professional Cyclist

Practicing Foundation Training has been one of the most critical decisions of my surfing career. I had recurring lower back problems when I was a bit younger, but since starting the program I have felt constant improvement with little to no pain whatsoever. My flexibility and stability are both the best they have ever been. It helps me continue to become the best athlete I can be.
– Lakey Peterson, Women’s Surfing Champion

I search for the best of the best when it comes to my fitness and conditioning. I have always been in great shape and take pride in maintaining a certain level of fitness, but in the time I have been working with Foundation Training, I have reached a new level of endurance, stamina, and strength.
-Derek Fisher, NBA All Star

Foundation Training serves as the backbone of not only my workouts but also my lifestyle. Baseball players sit on airplanes and buses and in dugouts. We have actions that are always one direction. Our backs are a mess, our hips are screwed up and it helps to right all those wrongs. I always get a kick when someone I’ve never talked to about it comes up to me and says “Hey, what’s this I’m hearing about your funny workout you do, can you show me?
– Bryan Peterson, Professional Baseball Player

Move Well. Live Well.

Not all techniques are suitable for everyone. Participation in any treatment/exercise program may result in injury. By doing the FOUNDATION TRAINING™ exercises, you assume the risk of injury from performing the movements and techniques. Foundation Training is not a cure and it is not to replace medical treatment or the advice of your doctor. Consult your physician before doing any Foundation Training exercises, especially if you suffer from an injury or medical condition.

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