Private Training Sessions

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Shauna White – Certified Instructor

Movement Revolution – Freedom from Pain

I am passionate about sharing the work of FOUNDATION TRAINING™ and The MELT Method® and desire to empower you to manage your pain through affordable, proactive, sustainable “self-healing bodywork” that will provide you with a life-long skill for your personal self-care “toolbox”. These programs are not a temporary remedy, but a systematic solution that creates long-term health because they target the source of pain, not just the symptoms.

Private Sessions can incorporate either or both methods of training

Who will guide you?

The best teachers always seem to have a few things in common: they see you, they hear you, and they encourage you forward without forcing your steps. They are there for you, in whatever way you need at the moment. Shauna White with GROUNDED LLC strives to provide just that so you can obtain the best results possible. Private Training Sessions allow me to guide you through the program(s) at your current level and progress when you are ready. Slow and steady fuels the ‘gifts’ of this work. Most people feel relief after their first session and positive changes build with repetition and learning how to implement the movement into your daily life. Private sessions can incorporate either or both methods.

FOUNDATION TRAINING™ is not just an exercise program…it is a way of moving everyday to prevent, relieve and eliminate pain. It simply relies on your bodyweight, movement, and breath utilizing our unique way of breathing we call “Decompression Breathing“. No equipment is needed. It can be done anywhere, anytime, and in just a few minutes a day. The MELT Method® is a breakthrough simple self-treatment system to eliminate chronic pain, erase the negative signs of aging, and improve your overall health using specialized MELT Balls and Soft Rollers (instructor provides equipment for sessions and product can be purchased for self-practice).

Both methods are extremely complimentary to each other and “accessories” to whatever else you do to stay healthy and active.

Whether you are young or old, have limited mobility, or you are an athlete – these programs can have an amazing impact on your health, well-being, and happiness.


Initial Consultation + Private Session: $125.00 (90 Minutes/1.5 hours)

Session Includes:

  • Initial intake questionnaire of your health history, current health issues, goals and lifestyle habits

  • Postural photos are taken, analyzed and provided shortly after your session

    • Postural pictures measure alignment of head, torso and pelvis from center making it easy to recognize misalignments to improve

  • Posture awareness education and how our postural movement habits can be the source of pain verse stability and strength

  • Introduction and initial private training of the method most suited to begin with between the two modalities

  • Take-home exercise practice sheets provided to help guide you along your journey

  • Tips on how to integrate these new movement patterns into your daily life…that’s how the benefits can be sustainable

Private Follow-up Sessions: $80.00 Per Private Session (60 Minutes/1 hour)

Discount Packages: (advanced payment required)

  • Four (4) 60-Minute Private Sessions @ $300 ($75/session – good for 8 weeks - Save $20)

  • Eight (8) 60-Minute Private Sessions @ $560 ($70/session – good for 12 weeks - Save $80)

  • Twelve (12) 60-Minute Private Sessions @ $780 ($65/session – good for 16 weeks - Save $180)


  • Private sessions can incorporate either or both methods of training

  • $10.00 discount per person for duet (2-person) sessions (applies to all session rates and packages)

  • 15 – 20% surcharge for added travel/mileage to your home/business (rate set at discretion of Grounded LLC)

  • To get the best results sessions should be once a week (typically)

  • Initial Consultation + Private Session is charged individually and are not included in Discount Packages

  • Package sessions have expiration timelines intended to motivate and progress your practice

  • Payment by cash or check (checks payable to: Grounded LLC). Most Credit Cards accepted but subject to a convenience fee.

Custom Workshops or Small Group Private Sessions Available