I am Grateful For My Clients…

Thank you for this important class. I know if others took Foundation Training and really implemented it into their daily routine we would need far fewer pain specialists and less opioid prescriptions. Good solution to a national problem/issue. Keep up the great work, Shauna! Though running will not follow me into my ‘golden years’, the principles and application of Foundation Training will!
— Leslie King, Newsletter Editor for The Sierra TrailBlazers Running Club
This class really helped to develop muscles I didn’t even know I had. Shauna did a great job of teaching each move and how to correctly perform them so you get maximum benefit.
— Ben Arenchild, student, competitive athlete
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Great class, method very interesting, awesome instructor.
— James Wilhelm
This technique of Foundation Training is amazing for back and spine health. If you are in pain, you should learn this. In two weeks you will feel a difference already. It has to be done right though, and so it’s good to learn from someone who is certified like Shauna White because learning from the book was tough.
— Donna Bosshardt Abreu, Marketing consultant, Yogi
Shauna’s Foundation Training class – SO educational and worth your time! Anyone with mild-severe back pain, or for those who want to avoid it. Perfect for de-conditioned AND conditioned athletes alike!!! Check it out!
— Amanda Helmuth, Personal Trainer
Foundation Training helped to quickly expose incorrect movements not only in working out at the gym, but in my daily movements. With just two sessions I have already fundamentally changed my awareness around my body mechanics. Shauna is an abundance of information, experience and enthusiasm. I look forward to continuing to learn from her.
— Peggy Arenchild
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Shauna is a very knowledgeable instructor. Lots of real life stories to illustrate use of the MELT technique balls.
— Judi Bannister
I tried Foundation Training for the first time after I threw my back out and I felt an immediate improvement afterwords. I’ve found that by simply doing the basic breathing exercises can help relieve pain and tightness in my back. Foundation Training has helped me in just about all aspects of life because it really makes you aware of all the things you do wrong with your posture throughout the day. My back feels stronger and I feel more powerful doing certain exercises because it trained my body to naturally go into proper form. Now, I notice the mistakes in other people’s posture and the pain and injuries down the road it most likely will cause them. I recommend this to anyone regardless of reason, simply because I know it will improve their lives just like it has improved mine!
— Alex Orovitz, student, mechanic, mtn biker, martial artist
I couldn’t be more impressed with the differences I’ve seen in my body since working with Shauna on Foundation Training over these last few weeks. I can really feel the difference in my “posterior chain” – all the muscles up and down my spine and particularly my lower back muscles. Foundation Training is unlike anything I have ever done in my athletic life these last 30 years and since I plan to be athletic for the rest of my life (trail running, mountain biking, backcountry skiing), I now have a system in place to support anything that I want to do. I also can’t speak more highly about Shauna and her enthusiasm and knowledge about FT, as well as her attention to detail during our sessions. She is an incredible instructor and I have been beyond thrilled with the results I’m seeing.
— Michelle Newbon
Shauna’s class really influenced my thinking regarding using my core and being grounded in everyday activities. As an athlete, I found the movements very applicable to my training in the pool with my swim team. I can also see how this would really help me with ski racing come winter. As a teenager, I am very glad to know about Foundation Training so that I continue to incorporate it into my athletic training and daily movements.
— Tera Arenchild, student, swimmer, skier
This training is amazing for everyday people as well as my professional athletes. Absolutely changed our lives. Thank you Shauna White for introducing this phenomenal foundation into our curriculum.
— Garrett Pearson, Owner/Trainer, Pearson's Combat Jiu Jitsu
Working with Shauna gave me much greater awareness of my daily body positioning and has improved how I feel throughout the day. On a side note, I applied the foundation spine angle to my golf swing and my ball striking improved dramatically.
— Chip Arenchild
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Loved this class! Shauna is so inspirational and made this extremely fun. I plan on continuing these treatments daily with my new health skills.
— Carol Wilhelm
The biggest advantage of foundation training, personally, has been the control I have found through the exercises. The deep breathing, the tightening of the core, the flexing of the feet and the inward twist of the heels allows me a healthy way to let inner stress go. Personally, I manifest tension and stress very physically (shoulders, neck, hands, etc…). Through the in-depth and hands-on training of Shauna, this method has given me a way to be more in control of my emotions and their physical effects. As far as Shauna, she is a great teacher, incredibly personable, and gets right there with you, ensuring that each person in the class is understanding the movements before going on. I found her teaching methods to be easy to follow and very helpful!
— Kate Arenchild, student, competitive athlete
I went to Shauna’s Foundation Training class and it was awesome! It was a workout, very powerful, very simple. Shauna is passionate! I feel taller already! Thank you!
— Azriel LaMarca, Yoga & Modern Dance Instructor, Performer
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Very interesting and will hopefully help with back/leg pain if I am consistent with using as part of my program. Instructor is very enthusiastic and motivated, which helped to motivate me.
— Mary Anderson