Empowering the “modern body” through proactive, sustainable, affordable “self-healing bodywork”



Shauna is a certified instructor of FOUNDATION TRAINING™ and The MELT Method®.  She is honored and excited to offer our community with classes, series, workshops, special events, and private sessions in and around Nevada County, California to help people live without chronic pain.

Beginning with gymnastics and dance in her youth, Shauna has always embraced an active lifestyle. She enjoys several forms of athletics, including yoga, cycling, strength training, sprint triathlons, downhill and cross-county skiing, hiking/backpacking, and she continues her love of dance. She has bicycled unsupported over 4,300 miles from the coast of Oregon to the coast of Virginia. A lover of nature and the outdoors, Shauna finds much happiness living in the beautiful Sierra Foothills. Simple things inspire me. Things I feel, see, smell, taste. Drops of rain, misty clouds, stacked rocks, water gently lapping against sand crystals, and rivers rushing over boulders, the warm sun, or the musty smell of damp soil. Put me outside and I feel inspired to live, hope and dream.

Shauna understands chronic pain and how it can keep you from living the life you want to live. She has suffered from several sports and non-sport-related injuries resulting in broken bones, overuse injuries, chronic pain, multiple head traumas, depression, as well as a debilitating back injury. She was determined to bypass invasive back surgery after an accident in 2013 when she fell 15′ landing shoulder/head first onto concrete.  Besides yoga, she discovered both FOUNDATION TRAINING and The MELT Method as two additional and very effective means of controlling her chronic pain to guide her back to wellness. Shauna believes focusing on a clean and healthy diet, exercise, meditation, the power of positive thinking, the support of a loving family, and the practice of daily gratitude all contribute to improving our relationships with our family, our community, and ourselves.

Her personal healing experience with both FOUNDATION TRAINING and The MELT Method were profoundly transformational and inspired her to become certified in both modalities in order to share and empower others to get out of pain and adapt to stronger movement. Shauna believes that both FOUNDATION TRAINING and The MELT Method are powerful accessories to support whatever activities you choose and love to do because they address the root cause of pain instead of masking or treating symptoms, and they put “you” in charge of your health.

Happiness is achievable when the body is without pain. With that in mind, she has learned to implement more “self-care”into her “health-care” and has discovered ways to take control and heal herself. Movement is medicine when practiced and implemented as part of your lifestyle. Shauna is passionate about sharing this work and desires to empower everybody to manage their pain through affordable, proactive, sustainable, self-healing bodywork so that we all can be the best version of ourselves. She is humbled and grateful for the opportunity to guide others, using her own experiences, and is dedicated to helping others attain the same profound benefits through FOUNDATION TRAINING and The MELT Method.

Working with Shauna gave me much greater awareness of my daily body positioning and has improved how I feel throughout the day. On a side note, I applied the foundation spine angle to my golf swing and my ball striking improved dramatically.
— Chip Arenchild


“The Greatest Medicine of ALL is Teaching People How Not to Need It”